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OCOFO FastTrack

what is ocofo FastTrack?

The Osun Certificate of Occupancy Fast Track is designed by the State Government of Osun to accelerate the processing and issuance of Certificate of Occupancy. A program of the Bureau Of Lands; the program is designed to handle the whole process within 90 days.

The first three steps which are Application, Inspection and Advert steps have fixed fees which are N10,000:00, N10,000:00 and N15,000:00 respectively. The last step; Issuance Fees depends on the size of the Land. The steps are progressive, which means Step 1 must be completed before proceeding to Step 2, etc.

Step 1: Application

The prerequisite is the payment which is followed by the online Application. Payment can be made online at mpay.ebsrcm.com or via any of the collecting Banks viz Skye Bank, Wema Bank, First Bank, Stanbic IBTC, Fidelity Bank, Ecobank, Sterling Bank, Unity Bank, Omoluabi S & L, UBA and Zenith Bank. A unique transaction ID will be issued once payment made either online or through the Banks.

Step 2: Inspection

Have you successfully completed the application? if the answer is yes, then you will be notified when to proceed to make payment for the inspection. Once the payment is made, proceed and insert the Transaction ID here. The inspection exercise will require physical presence of the applicant or representative on the fixed date.

Step 3: Advert

Statutorily, the advertisement before the issuance of Certificate of Occupancy will be placed on any National Newspaper for Twenty One (21) days. If there are no litigation or legal complaints within this period, you will get a notice to pay for issuance

Step 4: Issuance

Right! you are at last step. Insert your transaction ID for the issuance and click submit. The amount will be a factor of the size and location of the land.

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The Fees

Here is a breakdown of the fee for each step of the process.



For processing of Application i.e Land Inspection, further clarification and authentication



For Newspaper advertisement of Application in Compliance with relevant laws.



Issuance (fee varies): a minimum of N30,000:00 or more, depending on Land size.

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